What I'm doing now

I've moved to Paris, France. I'm learning French and finding my place in the community, as a try-out to a digital nomad lifestyle. I've been in Belgium for most of my life so I feel that now I made a big step.

I'm focused on improving my systems and habits. I'm improving my health by running and fitness, eating a lot healthier like cutting out sugar and processed food and preferring to eat more fruit and vegetables instead. Simple!

I'm experiencing life without addiction, having escaped from smoking, alcohol, coffee and sugar in the recent time thanks to Allen Carr's easyway. It's a method that does not require willpower and is enjoyable.

I started meditating when I was 12, stopped for some years, and now picking it up again with Waking Up by Sam Harris. Otherwise, I go through a lot of French books and podcasts daily.

Mostly, if I'm not doing any of the above, I'm working in my free time on Extinction Rebellion or playing around with tech.

Updated 17 September 2020, from Paris, France.